Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This was me after school

Another day of non-stop testing. To add insult to injury, part of the day involved group work and I found myself in a brainstorming session that resembled herding cats - wild cats on speed, that is, who brought along their skittish ferret friends and hyperactive guinea pig companions. At times, I was bewildered at the thought processes of some of the group members. Luckily, there was one other member who spoke the same language and I was so grateful for that.

Just as we were wrapping things up, I saw two of my cronies and the three of us made a mad dash to a pub nearby. I felt all frazzled and crazed and jittery from the testing but the cronies were forgiving. To quote a very wise FBP - 'Hanging with my fun peeps, swilling liquor and swearing like sailors' was exactly what I needed.

(Thank you guys! ♥)

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