Sunday, May 24, 2009

Neighborly love

J assembled our new barbeque today and we readied ourselves for a night of feasting. Little did we know how large that feast would be! While we were barbequing, our neighbor brought out several plates and bowls of delicious food to share from the little birthday party they were having. There was a grilled veggie salad, scallops, veggie skewers including sweet potato that melted in our mouths and corn with a light sugary glaze. It was all so delicious and awfully kind.

In return, we brought over some homemade coconut cupcakes with vanilla frosting - some were covered with colorful sprinkles or red crystal sugar while others were topped with sweetened coconut. Afterwards, the girls played together in the backyard. It was a really wonderful example of the generosity of neighbors and the special little 'hood we live in.

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