Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Battery of tests

As if my nerves weren't already shot from watching the last episode of Breaking Bad and staying up way too late lastnight - at school today, we were subjected to a battery of timed aptitude tests - one after another after another after... It was like a firing range of really strange, nonsensical quizzes. I felt nervous, frenzied and at times, stupid as I plugged away at the different sections.

I ask you - was it really necessary to point out that my numerical and abstract reasoning could be likened to that of a pigeon? And so what if I couldn't make sense of the lines and dots and do-hickeys? Most of them resembled Q-Tips and pipe cleaners that had fallen on the floor, anyway. (Seriously) I think the worst part was doing the quick evaluation which identified jobs that I've either already done (and hated to the point of thinking it would be more fun to poke blades under my fingernails) or jobs that I'd never do (because the sheer thought of doing them makes me want to change species).

Because the program I'm taking is experiential, it's expected that students go through each test, process and intervention a client may encounter. In doing so, we're able to see each side of the counselling perspective so that we can relate better to the client and also learn about ourselves in the process. I imagine by the end of the class, we'll all be exhausted, (hopefully) more self-aware and still some, utterly confused (this happens a lot in my program).

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