Thursday, May 28, 2009

Their thoughts can kill

I'll never get sick of this movie poster. It so accurately captures how I'm feeling sometimes (like today). I think I'm going to make it my 'go to' picture when I post about days that have gone horribly wrong.

I've decided that I'd like to change the movie name from Scanners to Career Counsellors-in-training...just for today (ah, look at me being the optimist). The words are perfect: Their thoughts can kill. (And yes, they certainly can. I'm dead inside.)

This afternoon, our group came together to finish the last part of our project. I won't go into all the nasty details but let's just say, there were some really great examples of counselling terms we've learned such as immediacy, confrontation and resistance. It was madness. Sheer and utter madness. At one point, a group member was in tears and refused to speak to any of us. While another instance involved restraining one member from going ape poo on another. (Okay, it could have been me.) As I mentioned yesterday, some of the thought processes in play were simply baffling. It was as though the discussion was about completely different topics in totally different languages between two different species. (Oy ve or should I say, "Hee haw"?)

It still got done, though, as painful as the whole ordeal was and now, I'm going to transcribe the changes from this afternoon and get it into a nice, clean format - free from all the dirty work involved. I also have some case notes to do and then, I'll treat myself to an episode of the latest Apprentice UK and some time with the fam.

Hope your day was chaos-free and that that you're well. Talk soon, friends. xo


Anonymous said...

a) I feel your pain; I still have PTSD from certain group projects at library school.

b) I felt like the guy on the Scanners poster this afternoon while dealing with some "difficult" patrons at the library.

Kate said...

I feel your pain also. Group work is sheer hell!

Hang in!!