Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More observations...

I`m not sure how much time I`ll have to blog since I`m waiting for a little party to start. We`ve been having a wonderful day touring around Osaka. We visited City Hall to see the view of Osaka from above, the Mozu Tumulus Cluster in Sakai, the location of the first incense maker in Osaka followed by a delicious Japanese meal. Now, we`re waiting for the children`s party to begin where J will be reunited with some of the children he used to teach five years ago. H has been writing letters to some of them, as well, so there will be all kinds of exciting interactions going on!

I forgot to mention two very important items under the list of observations yesterday:

1. The hottest look for men seems to be this glam rock look - feathered, teased and dyed hair with very skin tight jeans (not the Euro-style skinny pants but those reminiscent of the 80`s or early 90`s).
2. Toilets here are very sophisticated.
3. I am really loving Osaka.

For those of you that know me well, you`ll know that I have an affinity for good plumbing and comfortable `seating`. Forget about the beautiful flushing toilets of Scandinavia, the thrones here are certainly worthy of their royalty. I`ve never seen so many legends with cute little outlines of bums getting sprayed and colorful buttons. My personal favorite has been the unexpected heated seat at the internet cafe (oh, so cozy!). The toilet at the place we`re staying at has all kinds of fancy buttons and a faucet goes off at the top of it where a tiny sink lies so people can cleanse their hands. Also noteworthy is the fact that the toilets are in separate rooms from the bathroom. And don`t even get me started about the bathrooms! They are magificent! (Post to follow - complete with pictures!)

Okay, time to go. The kids are starting to arrive!

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