Saturday, July 12, 2008

Free English lessons

We're in Nagoya now visiting J's friend, Kenji, and having a great time!

J met Kenji through his best friend, St, who met Kenji through a record shop he used to frequent when he was living in Japan. While Kenji first learned English through school (similar to the way Canadians learn French), his real education came from listening to hip-hop!

Last night, we went around downtown and had dinner at an izakaya. An izakaya is basically a restaurant/watering hole composed entirely of separate rooms and long corridors. I absolutely love the atmosphere - it's loud, busy and there's lots of energy. The one we went to last night had amazing food! Nagoya's signature dish is unagi (eel) which Kenji ordered for us. It was absolutely delicious and a bonus since unagi is one of my favorites!

Today, K is taking us on a drive today of the Nagoya countryside and also to see a castle. Can't wait!

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