Thursday, July 10, 2008

Invitations from strangers

Oh, I forgot to mention some interesting invitations we've received...

Remember the English circle party we attended? Two people from the group have contacted us! The first one was the mother of the little girl who sang, Twinkle Twinkle and who exchanged mailing addresses with H. The child sounds like somewhat of an Anglophile which I find quite fascinating. Her English is amazing and she's only five or six! Apparently, she often 'thinks' in English (or so her mother has told us) and speaks English at home, frequently. We're going to 'play with fireworks', her mom told J when he talked to her on the phone. I'm sure she meant something else like watch them. :) It'll be great for H and she's looking forward to it.

The other invitation was a bit strange. The woman who called us wasn't even at the party we attended but rather, her friends told her about us. She wants to take us on some tour of a park or temple or something with some of the other members. (Hmm...) At first, we were reluctant since we are on vacation and all but it'll be an adventure so why not? I'm sure it'll be interesting and another great story to remember when we're back in Toronto!

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