Saturday, September 8, 2007

Melt with you...

This morning, I searched for the show, Square Pegs, on YouTube. Does anyone remember that show? (Gosh, I'm really dating myself here by admitting that I do!) Anyway, it was a show that aired in the eighties and starred Sarah Jessica Parker and was a coming-of-age series (as was the theme of almost everything produced in the 80's). I was happy to see that there were episodes of it available! (Yay! Love YouTube!) Feeling nostalgic, I decided to search for the movie, Valley Girl. I LOVED that movie and must have seen it a dozen times! During my search, I came across that awesome song, "Melt With You" by the Psychadelic Furs which became a hit after it played in Valley Girl. I loved this song so much and still do. I must have played it a million times and wore out that little cassette tape. Thank goodness, I was able to re-record it off the radio!

The video brings back a lot of memories... Sure, they were laden with teenage angst but nevertheless, fond memories. I remember having a copy of the movie on a VHS tape and watching it over and over and over again; quoting all of the Valley Girlisms (trying to be cool). I remember thinking I was something special because I'd been to the shopping mall (Sherman Oaks Galleria) where some of the filming took place. (I was this way, too, when I found out that I had been to the same arcade where the Karate Kid was filmed playing miniature golf). I'll have to re-watch the movie again and see what all the fuss was about (don't quite remember all that kissing that was going on in the video). For now, I'll admire Nicholas Cage and his Flock of Seagulls 'do! Love it! He's so totally rad!

(Coincidentally, Toronto is going through some kind of heatwave right now so the title of this song captures the way I've been feeling during the last 24 hrs.)

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Polly said...

My friend and I notice Square Pegs was showing on demand on his cable, so we eagerly watched an episode. It was awful!!! The worst part was the fat suit they made the one actress wear! OMG!

But funny to see early SJP.