Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am so over Ralph Macchio

Yesterday was such a great day. The sun was shining, J & I were able to clean the house while Miss H was at a birthday party in the afternoon and we had two very special visitors to our home. (I am now secretly crushing on Schled as he's kind of adorable.)

To wrap up the fun and frolicking, I thought it would be nice to cozy up with two bowls of popcorn and sip on sparkling apple cider (courtesy of Miss Polly) while watching Karate Kid III. About 15 minutes into the movie, I began to feel all nervous and angry. Ralph Macchio's performance was completely over-the-top and annoying. He kept bouncing each time he moved and talked non-stop in this angry, exasperating tone that gave me the shakes. I found myself starting to talk back at the screen. It wasn't long before Polly began to feel as shaky as I did. I can't speak for Polly but I was shocked at how easily Ralph's performance generated nasty terms in my head. Unfortunately, my comments had to be censored (in keeping with good parenting and such) and I was unable to truly express the animosity I felt for Mr. Macchio. Noone should ever have to endure such a horrid performance.

Coincidentally, the movie had a glitch in it and froze during another one of Ralph's irritating hissy-fits.

The day need not be ruined by the horrible acting (and directing), however. We all shared some good laughs over it and found ourselves bouncing around as we said our goodbyes.

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Polly said...

So did you not try to see the end? I'm tempted to make KK4 - the animated version.