Thursday, September 6, 2007


Kids are so amusing. I love it when they spit out words that are slight variations of the real thing. Of course, it is done in complete seriousness which makes things even more amusing. Last night, for example, my little person was talking about hair and how it wrapped around people's "earslopes". My all time favorite, however, has to be "cutecumber". (How could it not?!)

In the same vein, children's questioning is always a source of amusement and curiosity. What exactly are they thinking when they ask their questions? (I can only imagine what their creative little minds are cooking up and visualizing. The mind of a child is such a mystery!) My husband began writing down questions that were asked by the little person during our travels this summer. We still talk about the following Q&A very fondly:

"Have you ever seen an ice-cream sandwich on a stick?"
"Yeah, me neither."

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