Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mother of all craft events

I love going to City of Craft.  It's always really inspiring and I love meeting the artists.  This year H and I bought some really lovely goodies including a cute pin of a monster named Janice by Denture Thief, a mini chalkboard necklace by Killside Krafts, really awesome ceramic pins of people's faces by Julie Moon (I loved her display which encouraged visitors to "find your doppleganger") and a beautiful card by Genevieve Jodouin.  I was also excited to see Bunners Bake Shop there - a new vegan and gluten-free bakery - which had the most delicious creamies (similar to whoopie cakes but filled with luscious vanilla bean frosting).  I swear each creamie weighed a good pound or two each so you can imagine how decadent and scrumptious each one was!

Another event that I went to recently was the Annual OCAD Book Arts Fair which showcases the work of book artists, printmakers, small publishing companies, zinesters, letterpress printers, cooperative print shops, paper and printmaking suppliers, and (of course) the students of OCAD. It's also very inspiring and filled with all kinds of beautiful works of art to purchase and behold.

One of my favorite artists on hand was Eunice Luk of Fantasy Camp.  She was so sweet and cute - just like her art! - and she even gave me some sheets of her lovely handprinted papers for free!  H and I bought some of her hot foil hand stamped pins and several packages of her stickers.  We also picked up some really cool prints, a few fun zines and some copper stamped pendants.

I really enjoy attending events like these for inspiration but I especially love the opportunity to share them with H.  It's great exposure for her to see the range of amazing artists and their work.  It's also a way to show our support for the community and pick up some treasures along the way!

Hope you're feeling inspired this season!  Talk soon.  xo

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