Monday, December 20, 2010

A little taste of Japan

Have you been to Sanko yet?  As you know, it's one of my favorite places to pick up munchies and groceries in Toronto.  They have the best selection of chocolates and sweets from Japan, not to mention sauces, noodles, tea, cold beverages, fresh produce, earthenware, biscuits, nori, specialty foods and seasonings (like furikake).

I love how colorful and cute the packaging can be!  This is just a sneak peek of what you might see at a combini (Japanese convenience store) or grocery if (when?) you visit Japan:


Ed Garces said...

I just discovered now that these images enlarge to a good size unlike the older ones. The pictures on the last 3 posts were awesome. Are you using an SLR?

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Thanks so much for the compliment! Actually, these were taken with a very modest DSLR - the Nikon D40.

I'm really loving your photography! Both of your blogs showcase your beautiful work. The sites and colors are really spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

Ed Garces said...

A lot of Nikon followers still use the D40. I had the feeling your images were not shot with a point-n-shoot camera. If you want to take it to another level, get yourself Lightroom 3 to transform your photos even better. Might be pricey but they have also education pricing ($89), if you are a student,

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Thanks for the tip! I've heard a lot about Lightroom and will have to check it out one of these days!