Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturdays ♥

I love Saturdays, especially the one I had yesterday. It was jam-packed with all kinds of fun activities and finds including visiting garage sales, watching the new Karate Kid movie, purchasing colorful sundresses for $14.99 at H&M, picking up felt Japanese toilet seat covers, eating banchan and Korean bbq, drinking delicious lychee bubble tea, replacing my conked out Spectra Polaroid camera with a "new" one (found on Craigslist) and ended with seeing the Friends with You gang at Magic Pony. Oh yeah, we also saw a really cool ark in Trinity Bellwoods (part of Luminato).

Today, H & I are going downtown to spend the day at some gallery or museum and maybe, meet up with a friend.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Talk soon. xo

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