Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New faces and opportunities

Yesterday there were four new students who began their work placements at the centre. They're from the same program that I completed and I'll be the Practicum Supervisor for one of them which I'm very excited about. The student I'll be working with seems really nice and is very enthusiastic about being at the centre. She's already jumping right in by assisting clients and staff in the ERC (Employment Resource Centre) and by asking lots of questions.

This Friday, we'll be meeting to discuss her learning contract and objectives in detail. I have a few project ideas that I've already proposed to her that she seemed quite open to. We've also discussed opportunities such as observing workshops, counselling sessions and resume/cover letter critiques which are things that I found most helpful while I was doing my own placement.

Coincidentally, I'll be having lunch on Thursday with the woman who was my supervisor while I was doing my practicum (and who is now my mentor) so I can ask her some questions, if necessary.

I can't say how grateful I am to be working at this new location. I feel so fortunate to be there and to be able to partake in all of the opportunities presented to me. The days are full and go by quickly but I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot in the time that I'm there. I'm also learning and laughing and chatting a lot. :)

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