Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When I was a child, I remember my Mom wearing a fur coat. It was all the rage in the 80's - big ol' 3/4 length furs. There were even sections in major department stores that specialized in luxurious furs, as well as stores that only sold fashionable pelts and fancy accessories to match. To this day, there are still fur storage places operating (though, I wonder how much longer that'll be). My Mom eventually got a hat to match. It resembled a sleeping animal curled around her temple.

I had forgotten what her coat was made of until a few months ago when I was reminded. Raccoon. Pure, unadulterated raccoon hide. I'm beginning to wonder if this is where my maniacal fear of the critters stems from. Although there was once a time when I recall petting my Mom's coat. The thought now makes me sick.


Tonight, I can hear the vicious and monstrous cries of raccoons fighting just outside the window. Have you ever heard them? It's frightening - somewhere between the sound of a cat screeching and a human shrieking. (Brrr) Anyway, J heard from the neighbor that she saw some baby raccoons around the tree in our backyard. She also told him that there was a baby skunk living behind the shed! ACK! Help! What is this? The maternity ward for critters?! What next - a squirrel nursery?

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