Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage sale goodness

It's garage sale season here in my neck of the woods - one of my favorite times of the year. You can't walk very far on a Saturday morning without seeing a sale sprawled over someone's front lawn or a bright, neon-colored sign leading the way. The sales I like the most are the ones that have lovely vintage items, interesting used books or neat old cameras. Garage sales need not be conventional, either. A few weekends ago, J & I came upon someone on the sidewalk of a busy street who was selling a small collection of vintage treasures. She seemed a bit out of place in the middle of the block of stores and restaurants but I was happy to see her. I ended up walking away with a beautiful little cupcake tray with a decorated glass cover (I think it's actually a cheese tray but it would be perfect for showcasing mini-cupcakes!) and an old turquoise pyrex bowl with a pattern similar to that of a set I recently found in Kingston (at another garage sale).

Last weekend we went to a few notable yard sales close to home, one of which I found a really sweet retro picnic basket with green and tin utensils and sandwich boxes at. There was even a little thermos that came with it (unfortunately, the lid was missing).

Today we found the Mother of all garage sales as we were walking to our favorite neighborhood cafe. This sale had many items you would see at some of the trendy (and at times, expensive) antique shops on Queen or Roncesvalles. I spent a total of $13 and came home with a really lovely antique chair, a dainty gold and cobalt blue vintage compact, an interesting old jar and a collection of rose-tinted, retro dessert dishes including a little tray and pitcher. My hope is to one day have a sideboard filled with all kinds of kitschy and eclectic old dishes, bowls, serving trays, glasses and doohickeys. I think it would be nice to host a party with all of these delightful things or to eat dinner every day on such charming little pieces.

Hope you had a wonderful day today. Talk soon. xo

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