Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fur coats and bikini bottoms

It's funny how quickly I've forgotten about living in Winnipeg and enduring those minus thirty-something (even forty-something) degree temperatures with the windchill. Then again, I'm one of those people who starts wearing layers under their clothing as soon as the mercury dips a few degrees. (I need to be warm at all times, really.) Imagine the irony when I asked a friend in Winnipeg if he thought the weather would be warmer and if the snow would be gone by the end of the month since I was planning a trip home. (As if his answers would really stop me from going to see my family and friends.) Still, despite all of the exposure and experience to the less-than-kind prairie temperatures, I can safely say that it is freezing here today in Toronto.

Time to snuggle up and turn on the fireplace. If my Mom lived here, I might even see if she still had the fur coat and hat she used to wear when I was a child (raccoon, no less...this could be where my fears originated from). Of course, I'm kidding about ever wearing the ensemble. I always thought it was such a ridiculous look (so Linda Evans in Dynasty) but remember the days when everyone wore fur? The horrors.

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