Sunday, April 19, 2009


I have a group presentation tomorrow and a paper due on Wednesday so my plan was to devote this afternoon to nothing but these two items. Of course, all I want to do is daydream and read my favorite blogs and look at photographs.

My latest obsession at the moment is 'food styling' which I find fascinating and can't stop googling about. I love the idea of 'staging' food so that it looks appealing and scrumptious on film and video yet it may be completely inedible. The whole art of it personifies the food to me as these stylists share secrets about primping and dressing up their subjects - whether it be a gorgeous cupcake or a beautiful salad or even a handsome cut of meat.

I love finding out about different professions and I especially love how the internet allows me to take a peek into these differnt worlds. My favorite blogs are the ones in which the individual has found a way to transcend their vocation into a way of life that is most satisfying and inspiring but not all consuming. The passion that these individuals share often fuels me to think about what it is I love most and brainstorm about ways to incorporate this into my daily life. (It's also a great outlet to live vicariously through others.) On a more superficial level, I like to think that I'm adding to my career and work counselling arsenal as I expose myself to these different occupations and the diversity of individuals invested in them.

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