Monday, August 11, 2008

Motorcycles and fossils

I'm really happy about my latest post on What's Your Story? (as featured on blogTO). He's such an interesting character and someone I may not have had the opportunity to meet, otherwise.

I discovered Howard one Friday night as J and I were out for a walk. I saw him hopping off his motorcycle and I immediately whispered to J, "What's YOUR story?" as I so often do when I see people now.

Howard was an extremely cooperative, open and sweet 'subject' - not that I expected anything less. He shared some wonderful stories over and above the interview and I felt really pleased to have met him.

We had fun taking pictures and he went along with me patiently as I dragged him back-and-forth from the street to the sidewalk.

For the interview, please log onto the latest What's Your Story? at blogTO.

[Don't forget to log on every Monday and Thursday for more profiles on What's Your Story? featuring the different faces of Toronto!]

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