Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Corndogs and other surprises

To celebrate the last day of summer holidays, I took H on a mystery outing. I gave her a few hints about where we were going which included 1) there would be a little bit of everything that she liked there, 2) we would probably eat, at some point and 3) she wouldn't be disappointed. She then asked, "Does it have anything to do with cheese?"

We took the subway and then a streetcar which I was sure would give away the final destination but luckily didn't. H mentioned during the ride that this streetcar passed by Ontario Place and the CNE but I guess didn't think I would actually take her to either of these places. When it was getting pretty obvious that we weren't getting off until the last stop, I tried to make up some excuse saying that I had missed the right stop. I even went so far as to start back-tracking by walking away from the CNE but finally let out the surprise. H was so happy and excited and she squeezed my arm several times as she thanked me.

We didn't actually go on any rides but just wandered around the grounds and to Exhibition Hall. We ate corn dogs and fries, bought cotton candy and the "ice-cream of the future" (Dip'n'Dots, I think they're called). We spent the most time at the games trying to win prizes. I was both annoyed and intrigued by the carnies as they tried to manipulate us to spend more money and make us forget that we required change back through their obvious distractions. They're a skilled breed and I was mesmerized by their fast talking.

One of the highlights of the excursion was finding wooden spoons. I'm not talking about those huge spoons that come in salad sets but the size of teaspoons and tiny dessert spoons or the kind used for eating chestnuts. I first saw them on the site of one of my favorite bloggers and have become obsessed with them since. It was a very happy day for both H and I. :)

J missed out on all the fun since he had to work but was nice enough to pick us up to go to H's next surprise - dinner at The Real Jerk. H told J all about our day and then gave one of her prizes to him (a stuffie of one of the South Park kids) which was very sweet and touching.


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