Monday, December 28, 2009

Brown paper packages

When we got home from visiting with one of J's best friends today, we were greeted by two bulky packages - one from Japan and the other from NYC. (Joy!) I love to receive anything in the post, let alone packages wrapped in parcel paper! There were so many sweet surprises in each...literally! A tin of Jacques Torres' delicious hot chocolate, two packages of Kaki No Tane Choco and TEN glorious, magnificent, soon-to-be-empty boxes of my all-time favorite treat - Meiji chocolate covered almonds! (Somebody pinch me!)

[I should also mention that there were some awesome CDs, a really interesting book and two very beautiful cards included, as well!]

We're so lucky to have such special and thoughtful people in our lives. In fact, this is how I felt during the holidays this year when both J's family and mine came together to celebrate Christmas in Kingston.

My parents and sister flew in to spend the holidays with us and we all drove down to celebrate with J's family including his parents, sisters, brother-in-laws and his adorable niece. This is the first time we've celebrated with both families and J's family were so warm and welcoming, not to mention, the most amazing hosts. On Christmas morning, we all sat around the tree opening our Secret Santa gifts, emptying our stockings and watching lil' B celebrate her first Christmas. There was so much food (including munchies and goodies!) and the wine was flowing throughout the visit. There were also about a hundred pictures taken and some good laughs shared, as well.

So, this is how our holidays have been, thus far. Hope you've been having a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. And for those who can't be with us during this time of year, we're thinking of you and remembering you in our hearts.

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