Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Revisiting Bergen ♥

Our lovely friend, HM, is visiting us from Norway right now. It's so nice to see her again and spend time with her. We're finally able to return just a teeny bit of the wonderful hospitality she bestowed on us while we were visiting her a few summers ago.

On Sunday, we introduced her to breakfast at Sadie's and went on a little road trip to Niagara Falls for a tour of the city and an intimate dinner at Canyon Creek overlooking the falls. Today, J took her on a walking tour to some of the special highlights of Toronto such as Kensington Market, the OCAD building, the redesigned AGO and lunch at the beautiful Kalendar Restaurant and Bistro. I'm not sure where they'll end up during the day tomorrow but in the evening, we're looking forward to taking her to one of our favorite restaurants, The Real Jerk. (I can already taste the plantain, jerk shrimp, dumplings and Ting!)

Having HM here has me reminiscing about the amazing and special trip we had in Bergen that included exchanging our vows (which were unofficially officiated by HM), hiking Ulriken, moments shared with her & little J and not to mention, all of the amazing places HM took us to such as Hardanger where we got engaged. ♥

Here are some pictures from our trip that I posted in the past but wanted to share with you again.

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