Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's Your Story? GelaSkins

I love my Mac and the sweet little GelaSkin protecting it ('Peeking Under Leafs' by Jeremiah Ketner.) For whatever reason, I had this notion that GelaSkins were produced either in L.A. or New York but when I discovered they were a Canadian product (and from Toronto, no less!), I just had to interview the brainchild behind the company.

If you aren't familiar with GelaSkins, they are removable covers for protecting and personalizing your portable devices including laptops. I love the concept - they remind me of stickers for big kids! Their designs come mainly from contemporary artists around the globe including Nanami Cowdroy, Alex Noriega and Audrey Kawasaki (to name a few) but they also carry some designs by artists such as Kandinsky, Escher and Van Gogh. They've recently branched out to include the production of (giclée) Bamboo Fine Art Prints, as well.

The company is housed in The Junction district of Toronto and the work environment is just as cool as the skins themselves - it's full of energy, vibrant, filled with music and extremely busy.

Jamie, along with his business partner Drew, dreamed up GelaSkins after they noticed a lack of products in the market that showcased decent, original art. They wanted to make a product that didn't add any bulk and protected portable devices, as well.

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