Friday, October 24, 2008

Metropolitan Postcard Club

New word of the day: Deltiology - the study and collection of postcards

I know I should be getting ready for bed soon since we have to get up at 3 am but I just had to share my latest discovery - the International Fall Postcard Show this weekend at the New Yorker Hotel put on by the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York.

The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City 'carries on the traditions of the old Metropolitan Post Card Collectors, the oldest continuously run postcard club in the United States since 1946. Not only facilitating the exchange of postcards between collectors and dealers, the club is dedicated to the free exchange of information and ideas to further the understanding of Deltiology'. (Source: Metropolitan Postcard Club)

Who knew that such a club existed?! As many of you know, my passion for paper does not discriminate. In fact, a large part of my collection is dedicated to ephemera so this discovery is very exciting to me and since we'll already be in New York City...why, it wouldn't hurt to stop by, would it? :)

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