Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Your Story? Be true to yourself

Some people are born with an impeccable sense of style but when you couple this with a charismatic personality to boot, you feel like you might have just met the coolest person on earth. This is what I experienced when I met and interviewed Jules for the latest post on What's Your Story?

I was walking along Queen St. with my cousin who was visiting from Vancouver when I passed a record store where the ever-so-elegant Jules was leaning against an iron gate in front of a record store. I couldn't help but notice how stylish he was with his sharp hat, stylin' sports jacket, fitted vest, vibrant colors and yes, even a printed silk hanky peeking out of his breast pocket. I had to approach him and what I said was, "My husband would kill me if he knew I passed by you and didn't ask to interview you". (Of course, I was being facetious and the reality is, I probably wouldn't have forgiven myself if I hadn't approached him.) So began my spiel...

Jules graciously agreed and to my delight, he wasn't only a pleasure to interview and speak with but he was also a very fun 'subject' to photograph. He had a wonderful way of speaking and the kind of laugh that made you feel all warm inside.

To read his interview, please visit What's Your Story?.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this profile on blogto, but didn't know you'd found him in front of Neurotica. I've spent a lot of time digging through those milk crates, but I'm still waiting for my first interview.

Of course, that dude looks better just hanging out in front of a sketchy record store than I did on my wedding day.