Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chocolate love

I'm obsessed with these and have been eating them like there's no tomorrow. They're Japanese and oh, so delicious (oishi!). They also have a version with rice crisps in the chocolate but I have yet to find them here in Toronto. I've already spoken to Sanko on Queen Street telling them about this tantalizing variety. I also asked if it might be possible to stock Mango Gokuri in their shop. They only have Gokuri's 'Miracle of Grapefruit' drink at the present time.

If they bring these two items in, then I will have the makings of a perfect lunch: konbu onigiri (yum!), Mango Gokuri, Meiji chocolate-covered almonds with rice crisps and of course, some kind of fruit. :)

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