Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going postal

Lately, I've been operating in a world within about a four-mile radius.  This wouldn't be much of a problem if the radius included even a block of downtown (e.g. the area near St. Lawrence Market or Queen & Spadina) but it doesn't.  As a result, I've felt very restless these days and thought this would be my day to venture out into the "real world".

In hindsight, my plan was flawed from the beginning.  Let's just say that having any sort of expectations that a stamp show would "deliver" the kind of excitement I was longing for was so very wrong...on many levels.  For starters, this isn't exactly the venue that attracts really dynamic or energetic types (not to generalize but I call it as I see it).   Furthermore, if you're hoping to see any sort of diversity that Toronto is famous for, you would have to do so by fingering through the stamp collections because the crowd certainly did not provide this.

I was excited to see the children's corner - it had some really fun activities and goodies - but I was told that it was reserved strictly for children.  And no...showing i.d. to prove that I had a child would do no good here to obtain any of the materials.  (Sigh)

The highlight of my adventure was looking through covers (used envelopes) - some of which had handwritten letters and old documents tucked inside.  Oh yes, and picking up paraphernalia related to mail and stamps that I plan to share with my fellow swappers and penpals.

I left feeling even more lethargic and restless but happy that I might have more material to use during my sketch and improv class.

(Or not...)

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Carte Postale said...

I sometimes see philatelists at postcard fairs. It makes me sad that they are uninterested in the lovely words on the postcards.