Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grilled peaches

I've been feeling a bit reclusive and have been somewhat of a homebody lately but decided to venture out when a friend invited me to an intimate little barbeque in her backyard with another friend.

The menu was amazing:
homemade pizza with fresh basil pesto, figs, mushrooms and potatoes with kale-slaw

lamb marinated with garlic, lemon and basil plus pork ribs slathered with a tangy barbeque sauce

and grilled peaches and apricots for dessert.

(We also had some greek style chips that tasted like feta.)

There were also cute little carrots that joined us (straight from the garden, no less).

Aside from all the eating and grilling going on, we also had a lot of good laughs and as usual, great conversation. I always feel so comfortable and inspired when I meet up with these two. I was glad I went and am looking forward to our next get-together. (We talked about having a grilled fruits barbeque including fruits de mer.)

Thanks so much for the wonderful time, J + A. It's just what I needed. xo

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