Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mock shrimp, soy lattes and the absence of Tappersize

Before I tell you about the amazing meal we had last night, I have to share some very sad news with you. I've just discovered that they've removed the Tappersize video from YouTube because of a violation of copyright. (Sigh) I'm just glad that I watched it incessantly and was able to place those tantalizing images in my photographic memory for future reference. I'll miss you Tappersize. (YOOOOOOOUUU!)

Now back to the amazing meal...

Last night we went to Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen for the first time and were completely blown away! Have you been there before? It's located at 1262 Danforth Avenue, just East of Greenwood and a short drive from Little India. It's not a fancy place - the storefront is nothing special and the interior is pretty mediocre but the food...oh, the food!

We started with golden curry and taro rolls followed by Nasi Goreng and a really interesting and tasty dish called Assam (Tamarind) Okra. If you love okra (and hell, even if you don't!) this selection will really impress. The okra was cooked to perfection - not too hard and not too mushy - and was partnered with some red pepper and mock shrimp (complete with the white and orange markings!) swimming in a delicious tamarind sauce. (WOW.) We also ordered Mee Slam which is a rice vermecelli dish described as having a "delicious gravy coconut milk" sprinkled with tofu and egg (which we politely asked them to leave out and needed to remind them of when it arrived on our table). Despite it's strange texture, the "delicious gravy coconut milk" was divine. (What do they say, "The first hit's free"? It was that good.)

We left feeling completely satiated and happy that the whole experience cost less than $50. To top things off, we dropped by Starbucks for iced soy lattes and continued our Friday night adventures driving around the city.

Now, it's 2 pm on a lazy Saturday afternoon. J & I are sitting side-by-side on our computers while H is at the foot of our bed reading. I've just set up my google calendar and synced it with J's. (Isn't that romantic?) I'm still full from the blueberry pancakes, maple beans, "fakon" (fake bacon) and Caramelissimo tea from this morning. I'm thinking of going under the covers and having a little snooze before heading out to a barbeque tonight.

Hope you're having a nice Saturday. Talk soon. xo

PS I'm so not a google calendar and "To Do" list kind of person but I'll give it a try. I still love the idea of pen and paper agendas and the only lists I like to write are of silly things like my favorite kinds of pens, cheesy movies I want to watch, dream jobs in exotic locales and inventories of my paper stash.

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