Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can you please pass the...tortoise?

I came across a crazy article the other day that was published on February 25th, 2008 for the Daily Mail. Apparently, there is a woman (Shirley Neely) who runs a Jersey-based tortoise sanctuary in the UK. Her tortoises hibernate for three months (December - March) and require a steady temperature between 3 - 8 degrees. Fridges were set up for the tortoises because of the particularly mild weather that was being experienced.

'The 75 tortoises were given three weeks without food, allowed to complete their toilet needs (tortoises must empty their digestive system before hibernating), then bathed, weighed, wrapped and put to bed - with the odd bottle-of wine or jar of mayonnaise for company. '

If you're wondering if there is any confusion with regards to people going into the wrong fridge, it does happen. Recently, a guest was shocked to find the hibernating tortoises when asked to fetch a bottle of wine. Neely claims that she occasionally keeps a bottle in the fridge to regulate the temperature within.

Last month, Neely began waking the tortoises out of their slumber. Below, a photograph captures the reunion of Neely and one of her borders.

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